Theta Xi Educational

Foundation of Pittsburgh

Established in 1955 with a broad purpose: United in Service to our Chapters, Colleges, Communities, and Country

About the Foundation

The Foundation's primary mission is to champion the Motto of Theta Xi Fraternity, "Juncti Juvant" which means "United We Serve", by supporting philanthropic efforts throughout Western Pennsylvania, and to raise tax deductible funds in support of the needs of our community members. Our Board is comprised entirely of alumni volunteers.

At the present time the Foundation continues to support students through providing financial assistance directly in the form of academic scholarships.

The Foundation continues to search and find additional ways in which it may increase its support to worthy community needs in addition to assisting students pursuing college degrees in Pittsburgh and the surrounding community, but this may only be achieved through thoughtful contributions by members such as you. It is through your generous and proportionate gifts, that we will be able to ensure the Foundation can increase its principal while continuing to improve its returns on those dollars. Donations to the Theta Xi Educational Foundation of Pittsburgh help members of our community in need of assistance.

It is our distinct privilege to provide support for individual's and community groups in need of service. Community Organizations and students in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia need your help. Your tax-deductible contribution will be acknowledged in writing and you will be recognized on our web site.

Thank you for your consideration in support of our efforts to serve our chapters, colleges, communities, and country! Juncti Juvant!


The object of the Theta Xi Educational Foundation of Pittsburgh is to foster, promote, sponsor, aid, and encourage the education of students at institutions affiliated with the Allegheny District of the Theta Xi National Fraternity and at such other colleges and universities as the Corporation may from time to time select. Such students, including the initiated and associate members of the Theta Xi Fraternity, shall be assisted, to the degree that facilities and funds of the Foundation are available, to: (a) Achieve and maintain high scholastic standards; (b) Add to their general culture and knowledge with special attention to developing their leadership and ability to cooperate with, and work in harmony with, their fellow students; and (c) Maintain themselves while attending the institution of learning at which they are enrolled.

The purpose of Theta Xi is to provide a college home environment for its undergraduate members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, moral, physical and spiritual growth. To that end Theta Xi actively supports and augments college and community efforts to make individual members more mature and chapter groups more useful units of society. Through its alumni and undergraduate member leadership Theta Xi endeavors to assist each member to develop:

  • Intellectual curiosity that assures the highest scholarship rating consistent with his ability;
  • Habits that lead to better mental and physical health;
  • Sincerity in his association with others, and confidence in himself;
  • Responsibility to chapter, college, community and country;
  • Leadership that comes from practicing the principles of democratic self- government;
  • Interests and activities outside regular scholastic studies that employ spare time to advantage;
  • Spiritual understanding that provides a reservoir of strength to draw upon when faced with conditions beyond comprehension.

The ultimate mission of the Theta Xi Educational Foundation of Pittsburgh is to ensure that students have outstanding educational experiences that complement the values of America and the American Fraternity Movement.




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