Theta Xi Educational

Foundation of Pittsburgh

Established in 1955 with a broad purpose: United in Service to our Chapters, Colleges, Communities, and Country

Chapter Eternal - Past National Presidents

The Theta Xi Educational Foundation of Pittsburgh is the only online compilation of the past national Presidents who have gone to the Chapter Eternal, complete with pictures and bibliographies.

1906-1923 Col. William H. Wiley, Alpha 11 (RPI)
1923-1929 Alexander S. Langsdorf, Iota 96 (Washington University)
1929-1929 Anthony W. Lomis, Lambda 4 (Penn State)
1929-1930 Charles K. Traber, Iota 8 (Washington University)
1930-1934 Edward P. Hamilton, Alpha 206 (RPI)
1934-1935 Alfred J. Johannsen, Tau 39 (Stanford)
1935-1937 Samuel E. Hoyt, Beta 213 (Yale)
1937-1941 Clayton M. Allen, Theta 104 (Purdue)
1941-1945 Albert E. Peterson, Psi 89 (Minnesota)
1945-1947 Joseph A. Sauls, Jr., Iota 113 (Washington University)
1947-1949 Earl T. Luff, Alpha Epsilon 3 (Nebraska)
1949-1951 Lucian A. Hauslein, Omicron 50 (Pennsylvania)
1951-1953 Ernst H. Schultz, Jr., Iota 226 (Washington University)
1953-1955 M. S. McNay, Theta 70 (Purdue)
1955-1957 Dr. Z. L. Loflin, Alpha Alpha 112 (LSU)
1957-1959 Henry R. Kruse, Nu 149 (California)
1959-1961 Elmer F. Blumenkamp, Alpha Beta 162 (Illinois)
1961-1964 William J. Headley, Iota 1568 (Washington University)
1964-1966 Joseph F. Wolff, Rho 149 (Texas)
1966-1968 George F. Branigan, Alpha Epsilon 7 (Nebraska)
1968-1970 Harold A. Thomas Jr., Iota 404 (Washington University)
1970-1972 Norman W. Ray, Rho 405 (Texas)
1972-1974 Thad Hanway, Theta 430 (Purdue)
1974-1976 David C. Auten, Omicron 558 (Pennsylvania)
1976-1978 Dr. Fred D. Hinson, Kappa Phi 113 (W. Carolina)
1978-1980 Ronald L. Smith, Kappa Sigma 2 (G.M.I.)

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History of Theta Xi

Theta Xi is one of North America's oldest general fraternities with a rich and proud history. Founded April 29, 1864, it is the only general fraternity founded during the Civil War... Read More


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