Theta Xi Educational

Foundation of Pittsburgh

Established in 1955 with a broad purpose: United in Service to our Chapters, Colleges, Communities, and Country

Loyal Donors

The Theta Xi Educational Foundation of Pittsburgh would like to thank the following individuals for their financial support of the educational needs of college students in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Thank you!


Larry BreckenridgeKappa Gamma 206 $200.00
Rosmarie BruichFriend of the Foundation$40.00
John Bugay Pi Chapter $160.00
Kevin BusseyBeta Omicron 317$160.00
Richard CarlisleBeta Omicron Chapter$80.00
Vito Cedro III Pi 795$80.00
Vito Cedro IVBeta Omicron 446$400.00
Betsy CharlesFriend of the Foundation$40.00
Nathan ChaseKappa Tau 696 $160.00
LaMont ColemanBeta Sigma 318 $200.00
Michael Davis Beta Omicron 477 $40.00
James DoughertyBeta Omicron 320 $160.00
William Earp Gamma Chi 8$240.00
Cheryl GolembiewskiFriend of the Foundation$560.00
Donald Green Kappa Tau 192$400.00
Ronald Keyes Beta Omicron 302 $400.00
Tom KijowskiKappa Gamma 184$440.00
Dan LeechBeta Omicron 487 $480.00
Andrew LiptakKappa Alpha 183 $1360.00
Walter MacFann Beta Sigma 332 $880.00
Jim Powney Beta Omicron 313 $400.00
Harry Roth Beta Sigma 290$400.00
Charles Shirey Friend of the Foundation$40.00
Butch RamseyBeta Sigma 254$480.00
Ron ShidemantleBeta Upsilon 173$320.00
David Shields Beta Sigma 244 $160.00
Michael Soda Beta Omicron 447$40.00
Bernie Tunno Kappa Alpha 129$160.00
Kevin WhartenbyLambda 940 $40.00
Beta Upsilon ChapterFriends of the Foundation $240.00
Shellrich EnterprisesFriends of the Foundation$400.00

        Previous Year's Donors
Vito Cedro III Pi 795
Robert G. DietrichKappa Tau 331
Andrew LiptakKappa Alpha 183
Tom KijowskiKappa Gamma 184
Henry RauchPi 704
Roy W. ShearPi 444
John ShepherdPi 779
Ronald ShidemantleBeta Upsilon 173

Supported Businesses

The Theta Xi Educational Foundation of Pittsburgh supports the following businesses that believe in supporting student success and exceptional educational experiences within the American Fraternity Movement.

McAtee Designs - A Web Designer focusing on small business and foundations, serving clients and friends of Theta Xi from West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania.

Dodson & Chase Law Firm - Focused on handling its clients needs in an efficient and competent manner, the firm is a preferred foundation law firm for friends of Theta Xi in Western Pennsylvania.

George Irvin Green Funeral Home - Located in Munhall, Pennsylvania and honored with the Pursuit of Excellence Award by the National Funeral Directors Association, the George Irvin Green Funeral home has a long history of excellence in service to family and friends of Theta Xi in Western Pennsylvania.

Distinguished Student & Alumni Awards

Individual students, alumni, and friends of the Theta Xi Educational Foundation of Pittsburgh are recognized annually for Meritorious and Exceptional Service to Theta Xi Fraternity and to the Brotherhood within the Allegheny Region.

  2003 Outstanding Undergraduate AwardBrother Brett M. Covert, Kappa Tau 710
  2011 Outstanding Undergraduate Award Brother Ryan Price, Gamma Chi 1

  2009 Distinguished Alumni AwardBrother Jesse W. Whitlow, Pi 771
  2009 Distinguished Alumni AwardBrother James Lee Dolby, Kappa Alpha 54
  2010 Distinguished Alumni AwardBrother Vito Cedro III, Pi 795
  2010 Distinguished Alumni AwardBrother James Vredenburgh, Beta Omega 11
  2011 Distinguished Alumni AwardBrother Jack Casaro, Beta Omicron 4
  2011 Distinguished Alumni AwardBrother Tom Kijowski, Kappa Gamma 184

  2010 Distinguished Service Award Ms. Joy M. Helsel, Sister, Sigma Kappa Sorority

He Only is My Rock and My Salvation
Psalm 62



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As college costs keep rising, and students face the challenge of fulfilling the financial demands of a 21st century education, there has never been a greater need to provide support for today’s Theta Xi undergraduates... Help Donate